AI-based autonomous driving system for combine harvesters
Boost the performance of your combines by 25%
Eliminate the human factor without GPS and infrastructure investments
  • Reduce grain losses from combines
  • Prevent accidents and downtime
  • Increase cutting width accuracy
Statistically, an average combine operator leaves up to 1 meter of the header length outside the cut by the end of the shift due to fatigue. With a travel speed of 10 km/h and a cutting width reduced by 1 m, in four hours an operator will cover an area 4 ha smaller in size.
Over 20 days, the fuel losses will amount to
20 x 56 USD = 1,120 USD. For a fleet of 10 machines, the aggregate fuel and lubricant losses will reach 11,200 USD.
A mistake by the operator in the cutting width of the header can extend overall harvesting time by 25%
In addition to lost time, fuel and lubricant consumption also goes up. With a fuel consumption rate of 20 liters per hectare, direct fuel loss (the fuel necessary to harvest crops from areas missed) will amount to 4 ha х 20 l х 0,7 USD per l = 56 USD per shift.
What causes combine underperformance?
Taking into account the geometry of the field edge, the swath, or the crop rows, the system does not deviate from the course by more than 20 cm, increasing combine productivity by up to 25%.
The solution works autonomously without connection to the GPS or satellites and doesn't require high precision positioning (RTK corrections). Once it's on, you're good to go.
Agro Pilot detects obstacles, other machinery, and people in advance and stops before them, which eliminates the risk of breakdown due to collision.
High precision
of the Cognitive Agro Pilot system
The system software can be configured and updated through the user application. Field maps do not require updating or charting.
Easy maintenance
No complex settings: Agro Pilot automatically detects unharvested areas and plots a route accordingly.
The Agro Pilot system takes only a day or two to install and launch on any grain harvester – no wasting time on configuration and maintenance.
Quick installation
We offer a ready-to-use suite for autonomous combine control
Onboard computing unit
Featuring pre-installed software, this unit contains a compact, high-performance Nvidia Jetson TX2 CPU for data processing and analysis, an STM32 microcontroller unit, and a set of interfaces through which the system interacts with the user and machinery operating controls.
Onboard forward-looking video camera
This FLIR Blackfly video camera provides a continuously updated view of the surroundings while the combine is in motion and has enough settings for automatic exposure control if lighting conditions on the field change.
Control tablet for installation in the driver's cab
This durable and powerful X7R 7-inch mobile tablet with IP54 protection level has been developed specifically for operation in harsh conditions. The tablet runs on a Rockchip RK3368 ARM® Cortex-A53 eight-core processor, which ensures high and stable performance.
Digital dosing pump
Once installed, this pump makes it possible to use electronically-controlled steering. It does not interfere with basic steering functionality.
Steering angle sensor
Mounted on the vehicle's steering column, it allows precise measurement of the wheels' steering angle for more accurate driving.
Client feedback
Viktor Karbyshev
Head of the Mezheninovsky Agricultural Production Cooperative, Tomsk
"This technology will make the work of a farm machinery operator easier. Who knows? We might get completely driverless combines tomorrow. Now we're piloting the self-driving functionality. The operator is present in the cab and monitors the work of the equipment. If operators have to drive too, their work becomes much harder. Now their task is to oversee the process. Labor productivity has grown by up to 20 percent."
Sergei Zhvachkin
Governor of the Tomsk Region
"The applications of this system extend beyond harvesting: it can be used for all types of agricultural work. This solution helps cut costs and doesn't need satellites. Digitalizing our fields is good not only for harvesting but also for us to know what's out there."
Marat Islamov
Head of an agricultural complex in the Kurgan Region
"A combine equipped with this system maintains its course with high precision and doesn't leave unharvested areas, which is sometimes the case with manual driving. Sometimes there are overlaps of up to 1.5 meters, especially in the dark, whereas this solution drives equally well in the daytime and at night. This is the first combine of its kind."
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*The calculation is valid for a 12-hour shift and takes into account the fact that the operator gets tired eight hours into the shift and may start leaving up to 1 m of header length outside the cut. With a travel speed of 10 km/h and a cutting width reduced by 1 m, in four hours an operator will cover an area 4 ha smaller in size. The fuel consumption is 20 liters per hectare. Depending on the region and crop diversity, a combine may be in use for up to 60-85 days a year for a variety of crops.
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